Nike of Ephesus

Nike in Ephesus

The date of Nike relief in Ephesus points to the late Roman period which is around the 4th and 5th centuries. Nike holds a palm in her right hand and a wreath of laurel leaves in her left hand. Nike is mentioned as the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, and as Victoria in Roman mythology. The goddess also represents speed and strength; because Nike has the ability to run very fast and fly.

Nike is the name of the Goddess of Victory, depicted in the form of a young girl with wings, carrying a wreath and stick, dressed in a floating dress in Greek mythology, and its Roman counterpart is Victoria. A beautiful woman with the ability to run and fly very fast, Nike has gradually become the personalized form of victory. The relief of the Goddess of Victory, Nike, can be seen in the Turkey – Ephesus Ancient City’s center.

Nike of Ephesus
Nike of Ephesus

The world-famous Nike brand by many people does not come to our minds. In fact, it is not a coincidence that the name of the brand is Nike. Phil Knight, the founder of the Nike company, chose the name of the Goddess of Victory, Nike.


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