Stadium of Ephesus

Ephesus Stadium
Ephesus Stadium
Ephesus Stadium

Today there is not a lot left from the stadium of Ephesus but this place once used to be one of the biggest entertainment venues in Ephesus. It can be seen by the end of the lower exit of Ephesus but the stadium is still under excavation and it can not be visited.

The stadium was mostly used for sports and related activities. Marathons, chariot races, horse races, and many different sports activities took place here. Also, it is known that the stadium was hosting gladiator fights in Roman times. The fight took place by the inner curve of the horse-shoe-shaped building and as we know this area was surrounded by big walls to protect spectators against wild animals.

Recent excavations revealed the monumental gate of the stadium but unfortunately, most of the building was recycled by the locals in city Selcuk to build houses and other facilities.


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