Double Churches of Ephesus

The Church of Mary in Ephesus is also known as the Church of the Councils because two councils of importance to the history of Early Christianity are thought to have been held in this church. The church is located nearby the lower entrance of Ephesus. the great ecumenical council was held in Ephesus in 431, concerning whether the Virgin Mary might properly be called Theotokos, or bearer of God. The term had become popular in devotion and worship but was controversial. Many church leaders held that it was an appropriate title, reasoning that since Christ was both true man and truly God, one could say Mary gave birth to God. The Acts of the Council of Ephesus, which record the events and discussions of the months-long council, state that the sessions took place in “the church named after Mary.” Until recently, it was thought that this Church of Mary was built under the reign of Constantine the Great (324-30), based mainly on its architectural style.