Buying Rugs Nearby Ephesus

Turkish carpets are known all over the world because the art of carpet making in Turkey is as old as the country itself and genuine handmade carpets can be found for sale in almost every town and village. Also, Turkey is one of the most famous carpet and carpet weaving centers in the world. Turks have the reputation and honor of creating the oldest and weaving the finest silk carpets of the world. Therefore, Turkey is a great place to go if you are shopping for carpets to decorate your home abroad or your second home in Turkey. Three different materials are used in carpet weaving; wool, cotton, and silk but also wool and cotton can be mixed to create another type of carpet. There are several carpet production centers and cooperatives around Ephesus and we strongly recommend you to pay a visit to one of them to have a distinct taste and experience of this time-old art.

Note: Especially cooperatives require a previous reservation on busy days so please inform your guide/travel agent to arrange a booking for you before your trip.