Trajan Fountain of Ephesus

In the second largest city of ancient Rome, Ephesus, the Fountain of Trajan was built to the north side of Curetes Street. In the 2nd century AD and it was dedicated to the emperor Trajan. The pool of the fountain had been adorned with statues of Aphrodite, Dionysus, Satyr, and the family of the Emperor. There were also columns surrounding it.

A colossal statue of Trajan had been placed over the pool. The water was flowing from the pedestal of Trajan’s statue to the fountain. Nowadays, only the feet of that statue has survived as well as a part of its facade which had been adorned with Corinthian order columns.

Apart from the colossal statue standing in front of it, one detail makes the monument much more interesting. Any visitor can recognize the globe if they look carefully. This globe symbolizes the world as we know it. This piece is evidence confirming that they already knew the shape of the world in those days.